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Treadmill Hire

Treadmills are by far the most popular Hire product. They are simple to use, giving you the option of choosing a manual or preset program. All you have to do is press “start” and off you go burning calories. We offer Two types of Treadmill. One with manual incline and one with auto incline


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Elliptical Cross Trainer Hire

This is my favourite of the bunch giving a total body work out with very low impact on the joints! The Cross Trainer seems to becoming more and more popular because it works all the muscle groups. A month on this and you will see a difference.


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Exercise Bike Hire

Great for the lower half of the body; especially good for recouperation from leg strains, hip replacements and any sort of rehabilitation. Takes up very little room in the house. A lot less impact on the body than running. A great alternative to get you on the right path.


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Rowing Machine Hire

In my opinion the toughest exercise but with the advantage of providing aerobic endurance with muscle toning. This exercise is total body conditioning and hits the arms, shoulders, legs. Chest and ABS. If you want to tone muscles and burn calories this is the one for you.


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Vibration / Toning Plate Hire

This type of exercise is great for weight loss but the vibrations also assist in cellulite reduction, anti ageing and promotes a feeling of general wellbeing. It's compact size is great for toning use in the home.

vibration plate

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Machine Type 1 Month 3 Months 6 Months
Treadmill £55 £140 £280
Eliptical Cross Trainer £55 £140 £280
Exercise Bike £50 £120 £240
Rowing Machine £50 £120 £240
Vibrating Plate £50 £120 £240


Here is a selection of example prices.

Choose The Right Piece of Equipment for You.

It is very important to choose the right piece of equipment for you. Whilst friends may tell you the Treadmill is the best or that the Cross Trainer worked well for them; the truth is to get the best results you need to select the Machine that you like the best because if you don’t like it you will not use it.

Detailed below is a brief description of the different types of Equipment; it may help if you are unsure.